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Gloves - How they're made
Leather Types Explained
Glove Linings Explained
How To Care For Your Leather Gloves

We offer free delivery and free exchanges on all sales, but we do like to try to sell you the right sized glove first time.

Wrap a measuring tape around your strongest hand just below the knuckles and fingers as shown in the first photograph. Now make a loose fist as shown in the second photograph. Measurements are in inches, according to the size table below. Please round up to the nearest size and (not down).

Ladies Size (inches) Men's
XS 6 -
S -
M 7 -
XL 8 S
- M
- 9 L
- XL
- 10 XXL
- 10½ XXL
- 11 XXXL

Please round UP to your nearest size

Ladies gloves
Ladies' Gloves
Men's gloves
Men's Gloves

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