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Types of Lining used in glove making.
Most glove linings are knitted to ensure an improved fit. It is to ensure a perfect fit that many of our gloves linings, particularly in cashmere, silk and wool are made first as a completely separate glove before inserting into the leather glove shell. This is of course a more expensive process. It does however make a better fitting glove.


WOOL: Famous for its natural warmth and comfort. Wool has a natural elasticity for improved fit, as does cashmere.

SILK: This is a natural fibre. Silk is warm in winter and cool in summer and has superb softness next to the skin, a real feeling of luxury. Silk linings are used both in men's and women's gloves, but are more popular in women's. Some of the most exclusive gloves are made from a special Milanese silk made with a knitting process that ensures it does not ladder and thus run if caught on a sharp object such as a ring.

CASHMERE: It is warm, light in weight and very comfortable to wear. It feels luxuriously soft on the hand. This luxury natural fibre is superbly soft and is knitted Cashmere is the wool from the Tibetan goat, which lives in the central highlands of Asia.

CHAMOIS: Some gloves most likely men's are made with chamois fine leather lining for warmth and comfort. Not many manufacturers are using this very expensive and special lining today. Chamois leather originally came from an alpine antelope known as a chamois, today it mainly comes from lambskin.

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